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  • Section 1Company Information, Prophy Instrument Handle Selection, Mouth Mirrors, Probe/Explorer Combos, Scalers, Curettes, Specialty Files, Prophy Kits
  • Section 2.1Oral Surgery Handle Selection, Periosteals, Periotomes, Zator® “ZP” Series, Mallets, Bone Chisels, Perio Chisels, Bone Files, Bone Curettes, Measuring Devices, Retractors, Mouth Gags
  • Section 2.2Rodent Mouth Gags, Dilators, & Retractors; Winged Elevators; Standard Elevators
  • Section 2.3“Luxating-Type” Elevators, Root Elevators & Picks, Extraction Forceps
  • Section 2.4Bone Rongeurs, Scalpel Blade Handles, Hemostats, Dressing & Tissue Pliers, Wire Instruments, Towel Clamps, Needle Holders
  • Section 2.5Scissors, Surgical Kits
  • Section 3Operative, Restorative & Endodontic Instrument Handle Choices; Operative/Restorative Instruments; Endodontic Instruments; Sharpening Items; Instrument Cassettes; Warranty Information; Instrument Care
  • Section 4Product Reference Index